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Our Sweet Adventure

We love to have fun in everything we do and that includes business.


Being an entrepreneur all of my life, even as a child it never crossed my mind to work for someone else. Having owned a few successful businesses along the way and enjoying each of them, plus a stint with a "real" job (I could not handle the working for someone else part), my real desire all along was to have a "Sweet" business. My husband had a job in the food industry in his early years and really enjoyed it.


This Sweet Adventure begins one summer day in 2008 I decided that I was going to turn my love of caramel into a gourmet caramel business. Having a love of caramels since childhood and never outgrowing it, I thought what could be better than doing something you really enjoy every day. I told my husband my plan, asked if he wanted a job without pay and after he picked his jaw up off the floor he said "sounds like fun".


I wanted to do something different and create delicious, unique caramels that are buttery and soft, along with old fashioned favorites. We develop all of our own recipes, we love creating and testing new ideas. With our freshly made, handcrafted caramels we have created a wonderful following of caramel lovers. One of our favorite things in this sweet business is we get to know so many people from different areas and we really enjoy that. Le'Saric Gourmet Caramels are all natural, handcrafted in small batches and slow simmered to create soft and buttery rich caramels that do not stick to your teeth. We plan to add chocolates, along with other sweets and gourmet foods to our shop.


We love what we do and for us business is personal.


A Bit More About Us


We love animals and help whenever possible to rescue them. We currently have 3 three dogs that we rescued and one that we "feel" like we saved from a miserable life, so four dogs all together they are affectionately known as ~The Boys. We have rescued other animals and found them very loving homes too. One of our dogs, Cooper is a Boston Terrier that we rescued several years ago, he was 6 years old at the time and completely deaf. No one ever taught him anything and he was extremely abused, after us loving him and gently working with him Cooper now loves to set on our laps and be loved. We have even taught him some sign language (when he does not want to "listen" to us he turns his head away from us so he does not have to see what we are telling him) it really is cute! Our latest dog we rescued was in May of 2013, Riley a Boston Terrier sure loves his new home with us, no more being locked up in a dark room by himself and never being able to go outside. Riley loves to play outside and feel the grass under his paws. He loves to play with his new brothers and us, he has got the snuggling all figured out too. It warms our hearts to know we have made a difference in his life and our other dogs lives. We donate a portion of our Lil' Joe Espresso Caramels to help out animals, Lil' Joe is one of  "The Boys" and his life is so much better with us then it would have been. We cannot leave out Remington, he is the oldest of "The Boys" we got him as a puppy. We will never forget when we saw him, he was being kept in a shoe box, it just broke our hearts. Remington has been with us for 12 years now. We also rescued horses several years ago and had them brought 2500 miles out of Canada so they would not become dog food.


We enjoy candy making, baking, cooking and we bar-b-q throughout the year. We enjoy outdoor photography, taking "The Boys" for walks, hiking (easy hikes that is), snow shoeing and other outdoor activities. We love a good movie night at home as well as going out and having fun. We love vacations and just hanging out together and we cannot forget we need a good cup of java daily.


Save Animals and Spread the Caramel Love,


Le'Saric Gourmet Caramels



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