Le'Saric Gourmet Caramels, all natural ingredients
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Le'Saric Gourmet Caramels are slow simmered and hand crafted in small batches. Using only the freshest and finest ingredients, always from local farms whenever possible. Le'Saric caramels are all natural, no artificial flavors, no artifical colors and no preseratives. We create Exotic and Unique gourmet caramels, that you will only find here at Le'Saric Gourmet Caramels. Created by true Caramel Connoisseur Artisans that have a true love of anything caramel.

We will be closed until June 23rd 

***New*** Butterscotch Gourmet Caramels-Butterscotch, caramels, caramel, lesaric,
***New*** Butterscotch Gourmet Caramels
$7.00 - $22.00
Butter Pecan Gourmet Caramels-Butter Pecan Gourmet Caramels, caramel, caramels, Paula, Deen, pecans, roasted, LeSaric Gourmet Caramels,butter caramels, buttery,candy
Butter Pecan Gourmet Caramels
$7.50 - $22.00
Chocolate Salted Gourmet Caramels-chocolate caramel, fleur de sel, salted chocolate, caramel, caramels, gourmet caramels,
Chocolate Salted Gourmet Caramels
$7.00 - $22.00
Cinnamon Pecan Gourmet Caramels-Cinnamon, Pecan, Gourmet Caramels, lesaric
Cinnamon Pecan Gourmet Caramels
$7.50 - $22.00
Gourmet Caramel Of The Month Club-gourmet caramel of the month club, caramels
Gourmet Caramel Of The Month Club
$66.00 - $371.40
Hot Chocolate Gourmet Caramels-chocolate caramels, caramel, French chocolate, gourmet caramels, lesaric
Hot Chocolate Gourmet Caramels
$7.00 - $21.00
Old Fashioned Gourmet Butter Caramels-Old Fashioned Gourmet Butter Caramels, Butter Caramel,
Old Fashioned Gourmet Butter Caramels
$6.50 - $19.00
Sicilian Salted Gourmet Caramels-caramel,caramels, carmels, salted caramel, salt, salted, candy,Mediterranean,Sicily
Sicilian Salted Gourmet Caramels
$7.00 - $22.00
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LeSaric Gourmet Caramels - all natural ingredients
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